African Resource Development and Advisory

An emerging African commodities firm with an interest in advisory, trading and promotion of oil and gas, cocoa and other commodities assets.

DMWA Resources capitalizes on the extensive African knowledge and experience of its management. We seek to create world-class opportunities in the development of raw materials in Southern, Central and West Africa for global investors, and we offer a range of industry-specific and fiscal advisory services.

What We Do


The extensive experience of our management makes us the first port of call for commodities advisory in Africa.


DMWA Resources is well placed to assist clients in energy and cocoa trading segments and invests in trading ventures.


We promote opportunities in oil and gas, cocoa and other segments, creating investment links that fuel growth in Africa.

Headquartered in Mauritius, DMWA Resources collaborates with African companies looking to raise funds and expand their horizons in the raw materials sector. With established offices in Frankfurt and Johannesburg, the international reach and expertise of our commodities team is strategically combined with our vast network of capital markets and political contacts in Africa. Talk to us about utilizing our connections to grow your business.


Cameroon has great potential in the oil and gas industry, and is one of the only countries that did not see a reduction in oil and gas production with the drop in oil prices. In fact, in 2015, Cameroon increased production to over 100,000 barrels per day, the first time it has reached that level since 2002. The country’s cocoa industry, backed by international organizations like the World Cocoa Foundation, is coordinated by government initiatives to triple cocoa production in a decade. Cameroon’s focus on boosting the crop is timely: Consumption of cocoa is booming, especially in Asia. The advisory and promotional services offered by DMWA are essential for companies aiming to grow their commodities businesses in Cameroon.


Although Chad’s production has declined from its peak in 2005, the government plans to double existing output to 260,000 barrels of oil per day by bringing new fields on stream. Oil has driven strong economic growth over the last decade. We seek to attract investment into Chad’s resurgent oil and gas industry.


This tiny archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean is Africa’s latest oil and gas hotspot. The Comoros government has demarcated 40 offshore blocks, some of which lie in close proximity to the world-glass gas discoveries in neighboring Tanzania and Mozambique. DMWA Resources is positioned to facilitate investment in the island nation.


Congo-Brazzaville, one of Central Africa's most prolific petroleum areas, has shown enormous promise in its deep offshore and pre-salt sectors in recent years. Production of oil and gas is set to increase again, and DMWA Resources is well placed to bring its experience and knowledge to benefit Congo's petroleum industry growth.

Equatorial Guinea

The third largest petroleum producer in Sub-Saharan Africa has benefited from a resurgence in exploration activity in recent years. DMWA Resources is examining a range of opportunities related to plays in the Rio Muni basin and the under-explored Douala basin, as well as advisory activities across the petroleum industry.


Africa’s newest major oil producer, Ghana discovered the giant Jubilee oilfield in 2007, and brought it to production in 2010. The country has made several new discoveries in recent years, and is building oil and gas infrastructure for long term growth. In other commodities, Ghana is a long-term player, and was the world’s largest producer of cocoa until 1978. Though overtaken by Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana still maintains the number two spot, and West Africa as a region generates two thirds of the world’s cocoa. The crop generates about $2 billion in foreign exchange annually in Ghana. DMWA Resources looks to assist Ghanaian entities raising interest globally.


Africa's oil and gas giant, Nigeria presents unmatched potential for energy investors. Diverse oil and gas resources that are second to none on the continent, and a dynamic business environment featuring global majors and local players, make this a powerhouse on the continent. Hoping to better diversify its economy, government officials aim to make Nigeria the largest African producer of cocoa by 2020, and to develop a top-notch manufacturing industry to support the agricultural product. This is a country where DMWA offers an invaluable service as an advisor and promoter of commodities assets.

South Africa

In addition to its vast swaths of natural resources, from coal to platinum to gold, South Africa is also a center for trading and finance transactions for all of Sub-Saharan Africa. Industrial zones in South Africa are booming, reflecting the rapidly growing industrialization of the country overall. Though much of South Africa’s oil and gas licenses remain unexplored, there are strong indications that the upstream sector is on the verge of taking off. In the interim, South Africa is one of the largest importers of oil and gas products in Africa, with a fully developed trading sector to accommodate these needs. The mining industry is sophisticated, and South Africa is one of the top coal-producing and coal-exporting countries in the world. It is also one of the world’s largest producers of gold, chrome and platinum. Trading and investment opportunities abound in this economically diverse and financially mature market. The advisory and promotional services offered by DMWA Resources are fundamentally important as companies look to enter or grow in the market.

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